Managing Your Social Life With EventBox


EventBox is an application created by The Cosmic Machine, which aims to provide one place from which to manage all your online social networking activity. It can ‘pack all your social networks in one box’.

I think that an application performing the function that EventBox aims to could certainly be very useful. There are a host of advantages to having several different websites all tied together, not merely the convenience of them ‘all being in once place’. The possibility of being able to move data between networks would be very welcome (integrating Facebook and Flickr photos, or having Pownce know all your Facebook contact details could be really useful).

At present, EventBox ties together six different social networks:

  • Twitter – What are you doing?
  • Facebook – Connect with the people around you.
  • Flickr – Share your photos.
  • Digg – Digg it. Get Dugg.
  • Pownce – Send stuff to your friends.
  • RSS – Content aggregation.
  • Reddit – What‘s new online.

However, I’m not sure whether EventBox has quite perfected the ‘mix’ of different networks. There are many more networks which could really increase appeal, such as LinkedIn, Delicious, and countless others. In addition, I don’t really see RSS as a social network — more of a notification/news source, which seems slightly out of place amongst the other counterparts.

The User Interface

EventBox User Interface

On the whole, the user interface to EventBox shows a very promising start. It fully utilizes some of the effects available in Leopard and goes a long way to providing a very usable and sleek-looking system. New updates ‘slide’ in-between existing content, fonts are well chosen and readable and content that you’ve already visited fades away into the background.

My only complaint about the user interface is a lack of a ‘loading’ icon or spinner, meaning there’s no way to know when the application is doing something and when it simply isn’t responding.

Improvements Needed

While EventBox seems to be a good concept, there are quite a few improvements which I’d need to see before it takes the place of using the websites themselves. First and foremost is the support of a wider range of networks. While I’m aware that this takes time from a development point of view, it’s needed for the application to really serve as a valid replacement.

Second, the functionality of certain applications is lacking over what could be put in place. The Facebook section, for instance, is able to only show status updates and photos. Compared to even the iPhone Facebook application, there is a lot of additional functionality which could be integrated in the final version.

The EventBox site heralds the fact that the app is in the early stages of development and new features are planned for the near future (including a ‘HUD’ style Twitteriffic display, which looks nice). I’ll certainly give EventBox another try as some of these new features are introduced. For now, however, I’ll be sticking with using the individual websites themselves.

EventBox is free to download and try for a few weeks and then it’s $15 to continue using it.


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