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GoodGuide Keeps You On Track to Consumer Wellness

GoodGuide‘s recently released application for the iPhone provides you with instant access to their 65,000+ strong database of safe, green, and healthy products.

Deemed the “world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental and social performance of everyday products and companies,” this is a great resource for those looking to avoid the abundance of chemicals we are constantly bombarding our bodies with, as well as be more environmentally conscious.

Their product descriptions give you an in-depth look at why the items received the scores they did, for reasons like “has no ingredients listed as skin or respiratory irritants” and “company has a low score in ethical policies and performance.” It also gives you a list of ingredients to avoid in product categories. For example, in colognes you should avoid oxybenzone and eugenol.

The app allows you to quickly check product reviews, ratings, and also find safer alternatives to what you may be buying. The ease of use is so great that you could actually use it while you’re in the store aisle, product in hand. If you have an account, you can create a personalized shopping list, making it easy to keep focused on what you need to pick up, or an “Avoid List” of items you don’t ever want to buy.

Currently, GoodGuide only covers personal care and household cleaning products, but they will eventually expand to include food, toys, and more to give you a better handle on the world of consumerism.

If you don’t have an iPhone though, you’re not left out in the smoke. GoodGuide also has an SMS service that allows you to text the type of product, product name, or UPC to get the same information the iPhone app provides, albiet not as elegantly.

GoodGuide is available for free via the iTunes store. The SMS service is also free, outside of your mobile provider’s SMS fees.

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