Dell offers $100 instant rebate on Palm Treo Pro in U.S.

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Some Black Friday deals are already trickling out on netbooks and we’re hearing that Apple will continue their tradition of holiday discounts as well. [I’ll need someone to hide the car keys or I just might end up with a new MacBook.] If you can’t wait until late November for a deal and you’re considering a Palm Treo Pro smartphone you’ll want to hit up… Dell?!? Yup, that’s right, Dell.

The computer retailer is long-known for selling non-PC products ranging from overpriced UMPCs to HDTVs and they’ve got a deal on the unlocked Palm Treo Pro, which normally sets you back $550. Treonauts caught word of a $100 discount code, which gets you Palm’s newest GSM smartphone for $449.99, which includes a free 3-5 day shipping option. Here’s the catch: it looks to be U.S. only and you can’t wait until Black Friday for this deal as it expires next Wednesday, November the 19th.

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I found a really special ultra-secret Black Friday ad layout:

Palm owner and want more?

Why not buy Palm? Now for a limited time, you can get the Palm company to go with your Palm Treo! We’re burning through cash so fast we need another infusion! For a low, low price, so low we dare not name it, you can have us for a while! The supply of us is limited and you may need to quickly sell us to someone else so we can get another cash infusion! Do it today!

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