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All the News That’s Fit to Stream at NewTeeVee Live

YouTube: YouTube’s Ben Ling says that YouTube has launched a monetized embed program, where video creators can monetize embedded videos on other websites off of YouTube. Sweet.

Digitalsmiths: Matt Berry, co-founder and CTO of video indexing and analytics company Digitalsmiths, says it has raised a $12 million Series B round of funding led by 406 Ventures and including existing investors Aurora Funds and Chrysalis Ventures. The company works with Hollywood studios, has partnered with and and will partly use the money to expand to New York and Los Angeles.

Verismo Networks: The CEO of Verismo, Prakash Bhalerao, says that its video viewer set-top box is now available to consumers online. The open platform can bring video from any platform to your TV. The Public Internet Channel, which President-elect Barack Obama says could do for online political video what Craigslist has done for local goods, will launch on December 11! Rob Bole Senior Vice President, Media One Economy Corporation, says stay tuned.