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And Now, Windows Live Is a Social Network

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image*Microsoft* has launched a new version of its Windows Live service, or whatever it was before (search plus its myriad communication services tacked on), and now it is a full-blown social network, with the idea to integrate all the disparate MSFT online services, as well as allow other third-party services to be embedded within it. Pretty much everything except MySpace and Facebook is integrated into the new service, including Flickr, LinkedIn, Pandora, Photobucket, Twitter, WordPress and Yelp. Nevermind that MSFT has a big investment in Facebook…apparently it is only being used to “borrow” ideas: It has the now-de-rigueur news feed, a la Facebook, which lets you track your friends and their activities. Apparently, people who have reviewed it like it. More details in the release.

Meanwhile, I am still confused by this proliferation of online services —,,, Windows Live Spaces, MSN Web Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, etc etc. Maybe I am missing something…oh wait, all of them are now one giant social network…that’s easy. I get it.

3 Responses to “And Now, Windows Live Is a Social Network”

  1. john mullinax

    I started using Windows Live Spaces a couple years ago, and it's been a social network at least since then — with the concept of friends, the personal posting, updating, etc. So it's not like this is a big switch in direction. That said, I really like the evolution that's been underway. Bringing the disparate services more closely together, for example. The new feeds are great!

    I still have flickr, facebook, linkedin accounts, but I use them all differently. I blog on live spaces, as well as put pics up there. Also put more pics on flicker and embed them. LinkedIn is just for business contacts, primarily. Facebook is something I maintain only because others are on it, and I feel almost obligated. It would be the first to go, if I were to simplify.

  2. This is great…All we need are more closed source giants (Goolge, MicroSoft, Facebook, MySpace) creating new ways to make billions on the backs of members/content creators and developers.

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