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Vid-Biz: Gmail Video, Flip, ConAgra

New Video Chat Options From Google and TokBox; Plugin allows video chat embedded within the Gmail interface (CNET), while TokBox now lets users watch and discuss YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations and video mails together. (emailed release)

Pure Digital Ranked Fifth on Deloitte’s 2008 Fast Technology 500; maker of the Flip Digital video camera made the list of fastest-growing companies in North America with reported revenues of $54.6 million in 2007, an increase of 44,667 percent from 2003 revenues of $122,000. (emailed release)

ConAgra and MSN Partner for Comedy Series; The Working Lunch aimed at building buzz for the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers line of foods. (AdWeek)

YouTube Brings Back Project: Direct; short film competition requires the use of a red phone prop, winner gets a trip to the Sundance Film Festival. (YouTube Blog)

Joost Appoints Jason Gaedtke to CTO; can his technical guidance help the once high-flying startup regain some of its lost luster? (emailed release)

ExtendMedia Launches OpenCASE 3.0; product manages the publishing and delivery of digital content across PCs, televisions and mobile devices. (release)

BoinxTV Now Shipping; video tool for podcasters comes in either a sponsored edition ($199) or an ad-free edition ($499). (The Apple Blog)

3 Responses to “Vid-Biz: Gmail Video, Flip, ConAgra”

  1. Les Cowbell

    After two days, “Working Lunch” is shaping up to be pretty bad. There’s one LITTLE detail about about improv comedy that someone didn’t think about: an audience. A live audience is what drives good improv. The actors get instant feedback about what’s working and what’s not –they know whether to wring more out of something that’s generating laughs, or more importantly, know when to go ahead and shoot the lame horse and move on. There are far too many moments in “Working Lunch” where the actors just don’t know whether to keep panning for gold or move on. It’s awkward and unfunny. Day two seems to have ironed out some bandwidth/interface issues and avoided the on air mistakes in camerawork and cues to the voted plot turns. This one’s a dog.