Verizon Wireless offers phone Backup Assistant for free

VzwbackupassistantThis might be old news, but it’s new to me so I figured a quick blurb might be useful to others. Verizon Wireless offers their Backup Assistant service to customers for $1.99 a month. You can use it to backup your phone’s contacts and you can also view, print, add, delete and edit those contacts online. That could definitely be handy since the CDMA phones that Verizon Wireless uses don’t have SIM cards to hold any data. If you lose a VZW phone and don’t have your contacts backed up somewhere, you’re pretty much stuck. Ugh.

Turns out that if you’re enrolled in My Verizon, the $1.99 monthly fee for Backup Assistant is waived for all lines on your account. I’m enrolled in My Verizon, which generally gets me occasional e-mail updates for new products and services. In fact, in the e-mail I just received, I saw the news about Backup Assistant free for My Verizon Users. Again, this might be old news for some, but hopefully it helps a few folks out there.


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