Verizon Wireless offers phone Backup Assistant for free


VzwbackupassistantThis might be old news, but it’s new to me so I figured a quick blurb might be useful to others. Verizon Wireless offers their Backup Assistant service to customers for $1.99 a month. You can use it to backup your phone’s contacts and you can also view, print, add, delete and edit those contacts online. That could definitely be handy since the CDMA phones that Verizon Wireless uses don’t have SIM cards to hold any data. If you lose a VZW phone and don’t have your contacts backed up somewhere, you’re pretty much stuck. Ugh.

Turns out that if you’re enrolled in My Verizon, the $1.99 monthly fee for Backup Assistant is waived for all lines on your account. I’m enrolled in My Verizon, which generally gets me occasional e-mail updates for new products and services. In fact, in the e-mail I just received, I saw the news about Backup Assistant free for My Verizon Users. Again, this might be old news for some, but hopefully it helps a few folks out there.



Good point, Kevin. However, just because I have contacts in my contact list doesn’t mean to say that I might be calling them via my cell phone.
I keep the information of many contacts on my cell phone list some of whom don’t even have a cell phone at all. I use it like the old pocket diary used to be used. As you point out, they seem to have far too much information already.


Old news is right. This has been free for about two years.

In wonder why they’re sending you an email about this now. You’d think they would have notified you of this ages ago.


If you aren’t on a data plan, I think that you still have to pay the per-MB rate to actually transfer the data to/from Verizon. That’s the $2-per-backup gotcha that keeps me from using the Backup Assistant.

Kevin C. Tofel

stewall, what additional personal and private information would you be giving to VZW by signing up for e-mail from them? If you’re a customer, don’t they *already* have various bits of personal information? Don’t they already see who you call to, how long you speak, have your SSN, a copy of your driver’s license, etc…? I don’t follow your line of thought at all here…


You are not truly suggesting anyone trust their personal and private information to one of these companies!? The same companies who bow to the slightest pressure from the government.

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