Letterbox gives Mac Mail three vertical columns


LetterboxscreenshotsmallOne of the Outlook views I sorely miss when on my MacBook Pro is the three vertical column view. It’s a personal preference to be sure, but I like having my folder list on the left, Inbox flowing down the middle and my preview pane on the right… especially when I’m using a widescreen monitor. SvenOnTech turned me on to Letterbox, a free Mail.app package that gives me this view on OS X.

I grabbed it last night and used it happily throughout the day today. On a smaller screen, say the 13.3-inch MacBook, I might opt for the standard view that puts the preview pane under the mailbox contents, but Letterbox is great on my 15-inch MacBook Pro and on the 24-inch widescreen external monitor I have connected.


Kevin C. Tofel

Hoot69, if you scroll down on the Letterbox page, you’ll see older versions that are pre-Leopard. They haven’t been maintained by the developer so there may be some minor issues, but it still should be usable.

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