iPhone as a Micropayments Platform?


Over on GigaOM, Narendra Rocherolle ponders the thought of the iPhone as a micropayments device:

I was playing Texas Hold’em on the iPhone the other day when it struck me: If Apple allowed one-touch financial transactions inside apps — in the case of Texas Hold’em, for example, to buy $1,000 of poker chips for $1 — the consequences could be huge. Social networks like Facebook and MySpace, games, location-based services and pure-play commerce apps could see instant windfalls with the right functionality.

It’s an an interesting idea so be sure to give it a read →



Hm, if I could exchange earned chips back for $ to buy other Apps from App Store I would definitely buy some chips to play Hold’em =)

Anonymous Reader

Something like this should be fairly easy to implement using a mobile payment service like Paymo (www.paymo.com)

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