Webcam + software = multi-touch control… without touching anything


This video interview and demonstration is the definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Robert Scoble interviewed Andy Wilson from Microsoft Research and gets a hands on look at an impressive multi-touch solution. Here’s the thing though: there’s actually no touching involved!

Andy’s demonstration uses a $30 web-cam and a software solution that analyzes the view from above his keyboard. When the software can’t see the keyboard behind Andy’s hands because he’s completed a thumb and forefinger pinch gesture, it gives his hand control of the cursor. Essentially, it sees that his fingers have completed a circle due to the pinch. It can monitor for a second circle from his other hand and thus let him spread his hands apart to zoom in and out as well. Way cool and much more appealing to me personally than a multi-touch screen where I have to reach out further and make contact with a display.

(via Hackszine)

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