TroopTube Launches for Military Families

As someone who grew up a Navy brat, shuffling from one end of the globe to the other, and watching my mom manage a family on her own for months at a time after my dad shipped out, I can appreciate TroopTube, a new video-sharing site for military families.


Sponsored by the Department of Defense, the site was built using Delve Networks’ video publishing platform and created for MilitaryOneSource, an online resource for military personnel. Unlike other video-sharing sites (and as you would expect), videos are screened before they’re posted so as not to compromise military activity or promote illicit activity, and the site does not allow embedding of videos elsewhere.

In May of 2007, the military blocked soldiers serving overseas from accessing YouTube, MySpace and other popular social sites on military computers and networks, so this, while sanitized, will be a nice option for families under the stress of long deployments.