StatShot: Grey’s Anatomy, Obama

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Grey’s Anatomy last week once again topped the list of shows with the biggest DVR audience, with nearly 4 million watchers catching up after the initial airing. And to keep things consistent, The Office remained the show with the biggest audience increase, thanks to DVR viewing. Check out the full top 20 over at TVbytheNumbers.


Over at TorrentFreak‘s list of the top DVDrips, Don Cheadle’s Traitor beat out WALL-E to be the top BitTorrented movies, while Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly made a strong debut at No. 3 with Stepbrothers.

TorrentFreak’s Top Downloaded Movies on BitTorrent As of Nov. 9, 2008
Rank Last Week Title
1 (new) Traitor
2 1 WALL-E
3 (new) Stepbrothers
4 1 Tropic Thunder
5 (new) Taken
6 3 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
7 (back) The X-Files: I Want to Believe
8 5 Burn After Reading
9 (new) The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
10 (new) How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Not only was Barack Obama No. 1 in the presidential polls last week, but his YouTube channel generated the most views on the Video Breakouts Cool 100 list as well (wonder which one he’s more proud of).

Video Breakouts
Cool 100
November 10, 2008
Now Last Weeks Name Views Lifetime
1 2 1 10 BarackObamadotcom 13,663,367 108,897,712
2 1 1 16 expertvillage 9,468,882 275,204,893
3 3 17 huluDotCom 8,786,272 124,300,158
4 16 BritneyTV 8,676,078 230,702,506
5 1 shankii 7,502,964 7,502,964
6 16 machinima 7,496,791 208,684,522
7 17 sonybmg 7,351,360 433,410,706
8 9 1 3 beyonce 6,315,629 70,332,258
9 16 hollywoodrecords 6,245,420 237,448,780
10 15 SHOWTIME 5,513,085 109,036,748
 Gain   Loss   No Change   New  

TorrentFreak data is based on http downloads of .torrent files from various BitTorrent sites. The data is collected by TorrentFreak and is for informational and educational reference only. Currently both DVDrips, DVD Screeners and R5 rips are counted. The “back” designation means that the title was in the list before and has reappeared, possibly in a new format.

The Video Breakouts Cool 100 offers a weekly snapshot of the most-viewed Internet video authors and producers. Click any author in the list to see their Author Summary Report. All Video Breakouts lists and statistics are gathered through selective discovery and tracking. Where available, Video Breakouts uses video site Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to retrieve statistics. For sites that do not publish APIs, the company analyzes their HTML web pages to discover assets and track statistics.

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