Opera Mini 4.2 brings performance, Notes, video support and skins


Operamini42The "world’s most popular mobile Web browser" hits a new beta milestone today and no, we’re not talking about Safari on the iPhone. It’s Opera Mini and version 4.2 of the browser for mobile handsets with some new, advanced features.

  • Personalized skins went away from version 3, but they’re back with 4.2 so you can pretty up your browser.
  • The company added a new Opera Mini server farm in the U.S. and claims browsing performance will be increased for users in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific region. Load reductions on other servers should result in better performance in other areas of the globe. Remember: Opera Mini serves up optimized web pages to your phone; you’re not directly viewing the web.
  • Newer Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones running Opera Mini 4.2 support YouTube video viewing.
  • Notes from your Opera Desktop are now synchronized to Opera Mini through Opera Link: check your Bookmarks menu to see them on your phone.

There are downloads available for Palm (with JVM installed), BlackBerry, and standard Java-supported phones on the beta site. If you’re not thrilled with the browser on your feature-phone or other handheld, I recommend giving the beta a try. 



and if one register to “my opera”, the transfer of bookmarks, and rss feeds, between versions are virtually painless.


My mistake. You end up with 2 versions of opera mini intalled. You’re free to use either one and the old version keeps all the bookmarks and saved pages.


I’m getting this inmediately for my HTC Wizard. My carrier only has Edge and charges me per MB so I get many benefits from using Mini instead of Mobile.

No copy/paste for my device but I use the Iris browser for that.

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