HTC FUZE for AT&T debuts, gets reviewed


Htc_fuze_black_lThe wait is over for HTC’s FUZE on AT&T as the device with the intuitive TouchFlo 3D is now available for $299 after rebate and two-year commitment. I’d say the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional device is pretty much loaded:

  • Integrated aGPS, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
  • Tri-band HSDPA support
  • 3.2-megapixel camera
  • 2.8-inch touchscreen with VGA (640×480) resolution
  • Slide-out, backlit full QWERTY keyboard

Opera appears to be the native browser paired with this 3G handset, which should make for a better web experience. That’s arguable of course, and fans of Internet Explorer can always switch if they want. It’s nice to see another VGA device out on the market; I still think at this point, that’s the lowest resolution we should deal with on a phone with a 2.5-inch or better display size.

Mobility Site has a full review of the HTC FUZE already available so you can get a detailed look at all of the pros and cons. I’m still not sold on the five-row keyboard as it looks a little cramped to me, but I’m sure some folks won’t mind it.



The keyboard is actually quite good, but the old design of the TyTN is better in my opinion. Yes, having dedicated number keys is nice but it’s easier to type on the old larger key design, and that is after all what you want to do… type.

However, I did a side by side test of this keyboard and the one on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and it’s no contest, the Touch Pro/Fuze is miles better. The X1 keyboard is pretty much unusable, in my opinion.

Though personally I’m going with the Touch HD… no keyboard at all, just a big glorious touch screen that should make typing on the on-screen keyboard quite survivable.

Pam T.

I’m really close to buying this one when I get home. Some reports of stuttering video streaming worry me, though. Capable of 32gb of microSD memory makes me giddy, though!


This is basically the same phone as the HTC Touch Pro. I picked up the CDMA/EVDO version that was released on Sprint a couple weeks ago and really like it so far.


I picked one up yesterday. So far I really like it. I started with a 8525 and moved to the Tilt. The Fuze is a huge step up from them.

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