BoinxTV Now Shipping

A few weeks ago I wrote about the beta of BoinxTV and provided a brief overview of the product. As a quick refresher, BoinxTV is a videocasting (video podcasting) tool designed for small production teams. It has a very flexible interface and enables you to quickly record, package and broadcast your video production. I would argue it is a great tool for those who do not have access to the resources of a major broadcasting network.

As of today, the product is shipping in two versions: a sponsored edition (SE) for $199, which inserts a five second ad into your production video or an ad-free edition for $499.

The final release also provides the ability to customize layers using the Quartz composer in OS X 10.5. And, if you need some assistance in creating a layer, Boinx is now offering services to help you do this. Just note that there is a fee for Boinx to do this — $999 per layer. Depending upon your needs, this might seem expensive or inexpensive.

You can learn more about BoinxTV 1.0 here. There is a five-day demo available as well. For all the functionality this product provides in a fairly easy-to-use interface, the value is there for your production needs.