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Vivian Schiller Leaves NYT; Joins NPR As New CEO

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imageThis one is a shocker: Vivian Schiller, the longtime head of’s digital efforts, has left the company, and has joined National Public Radio as its new CEO. She succeeds Dennis Haarsager, who has served as interim CEO since March, after Ken Stern left abruptly after internal discord. Also recently, Kinsey Wilson, the executive editor of USA Today and previously the editor of, left the paper and joined NPR as its digital head. With two digital vets at NPR, its already formidable online presence and reputation should grow, if only they can prevent getting mired in all the politics at the company and its member stations. (Our interview with Schiller is here.)

At NYT, Schiller led the day-to-day operations of, the largest newspaper website on the Internet, overseeing product, technology, marketing, classifieds, strategic planning and business development. Before joining, Schiller spent four years as SVP and GM of the *Discovery* Times Channel, a joint venture of NYT and *Discovery* at the time.

She is at NYTCo (NYSE: NYT) until Dec 1st, the company tells me, and it hasn’t yet decided on a replacement for her. NPR is about to start an all staff meeting with Schiller and will announce more details of her upcoming position and work at NPR to staff then.

Update: Gawker has the memo Schiller sent out at NYT: “My last day is December 1. Till then I

5 Responses to “Vivian Schiller Leaves NYT; Joins NPR As New CEO”

  1. This lady is one hell of a lot smarter than the woman taking her job, that's for damn sure, because NPR is going to be around a lot longer than the NYT is in its current form. (Public to private as a way out predicted at; basically unless they turn themselves into a sort of NPR newspaper or come up with some super innovative ideas, it's adios.)

    NPR hire someone who knows something about digital news.

    NYT promote ad sales person. To join the ex-ad sales person they have running the company along with the ex-journalist who is now the Chairman.


  2. So much of NYT online is centralized – the edit people report to the centralized edit team, ditto for sales, marketing, technology, you name it. The GM job is just someone people can go to, and a point person for upper management when they don't know who to address a question to at the site. It's not at all like the all encompassing job Martin Niesenholtz held a few years ago as CEO of NYT digital. That's probably why she left. She can actually have final say as CEO and not be sharing power with so many people.