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What a great community… thanks for the wedding wishes!


Sorry for the seemingly off-topic post, but when you think about it, my wedding this past weekend is actually very topical. Long-time readers know that my then-girlfriend and now-bride has everything to do with my writing on this site. All of my writing in fact, both on-line and in print. At the risk of rehashing a little and contrary to popular belief, I didn’t wish to to be technology writer when growing up. I actually still haven’t grown up, but I did find the path to what I do today largely due to Barb’s support, guidance and planning. When I discovered that this is what I want do for my career, I took a risk and huge pay cut from my 15-year Information Technology career. Barb supported that move, both emotionally and financially, until the stars aligned, and that’s the main reason that I have the privilege to write for you. It’s that simple. I won’t bore you with any more details, but for newer readers that didn’t follow this journey until recently, I wanted to briefly share some of it.

The wedding was generally low tech, although I was able to put some real-time updates and photos on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. Between those networks and the community comments here, Barb and I are humbled and overwhelmed by the joy and warm wishes sent our way. For that, we’re very grateful. And we have to give a very special shout-out to James, Matt Miller and Dave Zatz. They took time out of their schedules and trekked in with significant others from Texas, Washington, and Maryland to share the special weekend with us. After the jump are just a few pics, including a rare one of the MobileTechRoundup podcast crew and family. Thanks again for indulging my personal post. Now it’s time for me to get back to work as the mobile technology landscape is changing by the minute!

I Kevin, take this iPhone, to be my smartphone….

The MobileTechRoundup family: Matt Miller, Barb, Kevin, Sheri & James Kendrick

Pic from the iPhone from the pic above

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  1. WiFi is only free during the weekends in Philly International. It’s to benefit the influx of college students and business travelers that appear during the weekends rather than during the week.

    Once the weekday hits, the price tag pops back up prior to being able to access any websites.

    I’m almost positive that’s how it works.

    Either way, congrats to you Kevin! Glad everything went smoothly and without error. :P