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MindJet and the World of Mind-Mapping

Though my Dad is a clever chap – an old school Maker –  he never had the chance at a higher education and as a consequence would force me to watch historical and educational shows as a kid. One of these were the televised lectures of Edward de Bono, where I first heard learned about mind maps and what are now commonly considered as ‘mind hacks.’

Mind mapping tools inhabit a curious boundary between tools that need to be as fluid and unstructured as doodling with a pencil and those that can harness the structural and processing power of computers to enhance the creative and mental processses.

Mind mapping tools range from the GTD-like methodologies of the Compendium Institute, to the opensource FreeMind and lightweight knowledge management such as DeepMehta; incidentally mind-mapping guru Peter Russell has created a useful roundup of tools.

MindJet’s MindManager 8
One of the more prominent companies in the space is MindJet, who today released the latest edition of their flagship tool, MindManager 8. With the new release, the company is seeking to integrate mind mapping into user’s existing workflows and help create mechanisms for collaboration.

mindjetThough MindManager has been oriented around a desktop experience, the new edition blurs the line between MindManager Web (an entirely web-based edition of the application – pictured) and its desktop counterparts by including integrated web searches, and online database queries from within the desktop app.

For web workers, the web edition’s most useful feature appears to be the ability to invite other users to view and/or collaborate on a mind-map or project workspace.

Free Trial

MindJet has kindly provided Web Worker Daily with a couple hundred 1-year subscriptions to MindManager Web (not Mind Manager 8!), worth around $120 each. Hop over to this page to sign up and take advantage of this offer.

The link will take you to the new trial page for MindManager Web. Users who click on the link will be taken to a signup page for a free trial.  The first 200 registrations will be converted from free 30-day trials to free 1-year subscriptions; subsequent users will still be able to sign up for free trials, but limited to 30-days.

21 Responses to “MindJet and the World of Mind-Mapping”

  1. The post says the first 200 people who link from this page, and sign up for the trial will be converted to free 1 year subs. It will look like you’re singing up for a regular trial, but Mindjet will actually convert the trial for you in the background.

  2. Imran, I think you’re confusing Tony Buzan with Edward de Bono – the former being the popularizer of mind maps! Also, I find it odd, although both contemporary gentlemen have done pioneering work in broadly the same field (enhancing thinking) neither of them mentions the other in his works. Maybe it’s professional rivalry!

  3. Mindjet is currently deploying its new Website, highlighting MindManager 8 and MindManager Web, which should be live early this morning. Please continue to check the offer link this morning — the new site will be live soon and the offer link will take you directly to the MindManager Web trial page, where the first 200 individuals will have their registrations converted to free 1-year subscriptions within 24 hours.

    Thank you,
    Phil Novack