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Kurt Loder’s Lapdance, Gene Kelly Remix: NTV Station Today

I can’t decide if this Singing in the Rain remix, created to sell the VW Golf, is an abomination or just plain awesome. At this moment, I’m leaning towards abomination, but the technology involved is pretty impressive.

And Jill Weinberger got all worked up by Kurt Loder’s Lapdance, but after watching the four-part interview with Harry Shearer, she started wishing that there was a bit more grind to it. Check out her review at NewTeeVee Station.

2 Responses to “Kurt Loder’s Lapdance, Gene Kelly Remix: NTV Station Today”

  1. A combination of a modern dancer with Gene Kelley would have been amazing. This is just a puppet show,
    a video mask on another dancer. The face loses sync here and there, too and the valley gets uncanny.

    Here’s a funnier use of the same technique:
    Obama and McCain Dance Off

    Music isn’t bad. Seems to be influenced by great Jimmy Luxury swing/hip hop album from a few years back.