Gazelle buys and then eBays your gadgets



Although using eBay is pretty simple way to sell old gadgets, some still find it to be too much of hassle. They don’t want to deal with auctions, create a detailed item description or worry if they’re going to get paid. I’m not one of those people as I enjoy using eBay, but if this sound too complicated to you, take a look a Gazelle. It’s a service provided by Second Rotation, a company that just raised more funding to help make your life eBay-free.

Similar to other buyback sites we’ve previously mentioned, Gazelle pays you outright for your device. Using a simple menu system, you tell them what you have and what condition it’s in. Gazelle gives you an estimated offer price and if you accept it, they shoot you a pre-paid box for you to send them the gadget. Once they have it, you get your money and off goes your device to eBay where Gazelle will try to make a profit.

I gave their site a quick try and entered the info for my first-gen iPhone 8GB handset. I like how they showed me a price-trend graph along with what they project the price to be in the next few months. Gazelle’s product database is growing and there are some generic hardware specs they ask for if you’re selling a notebook that isn’t listed, for example. Definitely worth a look if you’re pruning down your gadget arsenal and don’t want to deal with eBay.

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