Dell Inspiron Mini 9: a $299 netbook for Black Friday


Inspn_mini_9_white_sunsetRetailers must hate it when their low-priced Black Friday shopping deals get sniffed out. After all, if you knew a product you were about to purchase might be far cheaper in a few short weeks, might you consider putting the purchase off? I likely would unless it was something I needed immediately.

We’re certain to see more leaked deals in the coming few weeks as we approach the holiday shopping season, so here’s the first: Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 looks to be $299 come the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S. My gut says that this will be the low-end model that currently retails for $349, but who knows? That model has the 4GB SSD module along with Ubuntu 8.04 installed and 512 MB of RAM. I was able to get XP on the 4GB storage of my original Asus Eee PC, so that could be an option for folks that don’t carry much local data.

(via Mobile Devices Today)

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