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Announcing the NewTeeVee Top 10 Breakout Video Stars of 2008

newteevee_stars_promoAn over-the-top gossip snarker. A 15-year-old phenom. A famous blogger who launched into video. A series played out entirely on a computer desktop. These were the shows and stars who rose to the top of the web in 2008, earning their way onto NewTeeVee’s Top 10 Breakout Video Stars of 2008.

We on the NewTeeVee Team constructed our list of Breakout Stars with an eye for those who had made their name on the web — no Rosario Dawsons here — and had propelled themselves to the fore in the last year, whether by fanbase, hype or pushing web video where it hadn’t gone before. We consulted with expert advisers such as (former) Internet Superstar host Martin Sargent and UTA Online talent agent Barrett Garese. And we are bringing most of these amazing creators, either in person or digitally, to our NewTeeVee Live conference on Thursday.

They are, in alphabetical order:

27 Responses to “Announcing the NewTeeVee Top 10 Breakout Video Stars of 2008”

  1. noname

    Watching Vaynerchuk is like a master class in brand building (a very hyperactive master class). The guy sticks to his message, engages with his community and constantly works to promote himself across every new platform available. He even squeezed in a video show during a recent flight on Southwest Airlines. No wonder we named him one of our 2008 Breakout Video Stars.

  2. JenniPowell

    “Those seeking to use web video to further their careers could do much worse than to emulate her example — but the most important thing they should take note of is her friendly and open interaction with fans.”

    Took the words right outta my mouth…