Weekly App Store Roundup: Nov. 8, 2008

It’s been a good week for iPhone owners, in particular we’ve had cause to celebrate with AT&T’s announcement of tethering and a sneak peek at the new iPhone firmware revealing podcast downloading on the go. As ever, the App Store has continued to grow like a digital garden of eden and now it’s time for us to hand-pick a few promising apps and find out which are the juiciest and which needed a little more time to ripen.

This week we’re looking at Remember The Milk, Mokugyo (With Cat), Ocarina and iFriends.

Remember The Milk (free) – Remember The Milk is a clever site that gives you a selection of list-based tools for keeping track of all the tasks that life throws at you. It makes use of a great methodology called Getting Things Done. This fantastic iPhone app links in to your online RTM account, meaning you can become a blur of productivity even when you’re on the go.

Mokugyo (With Cat) (free) – While Mokugyo (With Cat) seems to be utterly useless, it’s endearing enough to warrant a quick mention. To reach a state of ‘nagomi’ (higher relaxation), you must tap on a Japanese wooden gong and what seems to be a singing bowl (used for meditation). This makes just enough sense until you try out ‘cat mode’, where tapping the bowl and gong triggers cat meows as you watch a totally weird lolcats-esque slideshow.

Ocarina ($0.99) – Rapidly becoming one of TAB’s favourite iPhone developers, Smule have created another unique app. By literally blowing in to the iPhone and pressing buttons on the screen, you can play different notes and, with a little practice, string together a tune. This is an enchanting musical instrument masquerading as an iPhone toy and certainly worth more than a buck.

iFriends ($1.99) – So far, it’s been worth steering clear of contact list management apps. They rarely bring added value, tend to be ugly, featureless and poorly-designed. iFriends, though, is potentially a worthy replacement for the phone button. The app features a dynamic top friends list with a clever friend scoring system, cutesy and slick graphics, contact searching and access to SMS too.

A recording studio in your pocket!
A recording studio in your pocket!

Before we close the gates on our fruity garden, we’ve got a few moments left to tell you about something we missed a couple of weeks back. FourTrack, from Sonoma Wire Works, is a traditional four-track recorder, crammed with a surprising number of features and functionality at the great price of $9.99.

By plugging in your iPhone headphones (with mic), you can record direct to FourTrack — effectively having a mini-studio in your iPhone. It’s great for toying round with ideas and creating quick track demos. Expect a full TAB review and tutorial for FourTrack sometime soon, in the meantime, for bedroom music makers and even pros on the go, you should grab this app and get recording.

That’s all for this week, we’ll be back next Saturday for another App Store Roundup. Drop by the comments and let us know which apps you’ve tried in the past week.