Freeware of the moment: Send To Toys 2.5 for Windows


Image12While you could create personalized "Send to" menu options manually, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simpler way? Lo and behold, let me introduce you to the free Send To Toys application! This works on Windows XP and Vista (not to mention 2000 and 2003 Server) saving you any registry or custom shortcut hassles.

The GUI interface lets you pick and configure custom Send To options for folders, the Clipboard, a command prompt, favorites, an e-mail address and much more. Now if there were just a real-world way to use Send To for all of the junk snail-mail I get, I could shoot it back to the annoying sender. Come to think of it, if this worked in the real world and not just in "the matrix", I’d likely use it on myself. Send To –> the Caribbean at happy hour. ;)

(via The How-To Geek)


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