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BitTorrent Makes Additional Cuts

Updated. BitTorrent, after losing its president and co-founder Ashwin Navin, has laid off more of its staff.

We don’t know the extent of the cuts or whom they affect, but we do know they include Lily Lin, the company’s director of communications. Lin confirmed to us that she had been let go but has not replied to an email seeking additional details, which we suppose is her prerogative since she doesn’t work there anymore.

Update: The cuts apply to 18 people, or about half of BitTorrent’s staff, according to the New York Times Bits blog. Bits also reports the company plans to focus its remaining efforts on its BitTorrent DNA content accelerator rather than its consumer-facing video store.

Update 2: BitTorrent also appears to have dropped CEO Doug Walker. The company issued a press release today saying that CTO Eric Klinker had been instated as the new CEO. It did not make mention of the layoffs.

BitTorrent laid off about 20 percent of its staff in August. Since then, it raised $17 million, according to a regulatory filing, bringing its total funding over the last four years to $46.4 million.