Al Gore Calls for Web 2.0 to Fight Climate Change

Former V-P and Nobel Peace laureate Al Gore told an audience at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Friday that we need to use the latest web tools to organize a social movement in order to help rescue the earth from climate change. Gore, who has been an adviser to Google (s goog), served on the board of directors for Apple (s aapl), and is currently a cleantech venture partner with Kleiner Perkins, said fighting climate change will need the same type of collective movement driven by the web that helped elect Barack Obama.

The enormous climate crisis needs to be understood and acknowledged as a group so that we can respond to it in a unified way, Gore said. In explaining the situation to the web entrepreneurs in the room, he likened it to the message of an “Inconvenient Truth” needing to be “stored in the cloud.” An appropriate sense of urgency around this issue still does not exist, he said.

Gore has already laid out his own extremely aggressive energy plan for the U.S., which calls for 100 percent of the countr’s electricity to come from renewables within 10 years. He reiterated that plan for the Web 2.0 audience, adding that, “We would be fools not to make a transition to renewables.”

Earlier this week, the group Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection called on the next administration to swiftly invest in energy efficiency, clean power and a national smart grid. In the speech this afternoon, Gore further emphasized that point, saying we need to connect the smart grid from the southwestern deserts and corridors of Texas — where solar and wind power will be generated — to cities.