Windows 7 should offer at least 11% more battery life on notebooks



Great news out of Microsoft WinHEC for mobile devices: Windows 7 will enable notebooks to run longer on a single charge. To demonstrate the optimizations, Microsoft set up two identical machines in terms of hardware: one was running Windows Vista, the other Windows 7. Setting both machines up for DVD playback, they then monitored the battery drain on each device. The Vista hardware was pulling around 17 watts of power while the same machine running Windows 7 used only around 13 watts. Putting that in perspective: if your laptop battery offers 52 Watt/hours of juice, the Vista machine would theoretically last 3.05 hours. The same machine with Windows 7? Four hours, which is a nice jump in run-time. Check the short video at Engadget for all of the specifics.

I have Windows 7 on the MSI Wind and also installed it on my Samsung Q1UP last night and there is a noticable difference in terms of run-time. I can’t put exact numbers on it just yet and in fairness, it’s probably not appropriate since this is a very early test build, but it’s looking good so far for mobile devices. I’ll be curious how the battery life is affected by other test scenarios such as web surfing and other everyday activities.



Yeah, I’d like to see 7 how it compares to XP over Vista myself… I mean most people haven’t switched to vista making such a comparison worthless to us.

7 sounds promising, but I think MS is missing the point by only comparing it to Vista all the time.

Brook Zerihun

Thanks, your luck seems to never end.
May that special day bring joy and happiness, and another geek to share the joy of an unboxing.

Rick Huizinga

Be careful when reading broad claims of increased battery life from a single-tasked benchmark such as DVD playback.

This type of gain could come from a single optimization (i.e. using the GPU to decode the DVD video). This type of optimization would then only apply to video playback and not to general computing.

I’m not saying they haven’t improved battery life, but I am a bit skeptical considering they are using DVD playback as the benchmark.

Kevin C. Tofel

Scotty, I hear what you’re saying, but until the final product hits, I’m all for giving them a chance. ;)

Brook, the install was quick and painless. Touch and sound worked find after installation. Windows Update added WiFi support and pulled updates for the Ethernet and graphics. Calibration isn’t quite right, but other than that, Windows 7 is running nicely. We’ll get some video up but it won’t likely be until after the weekend as I’m getting married on Saturday. :)

Brook Zerihun

how was the install on the Q1, are drivers working touch sound, would love to see the video and any initial takes of the device in action


Too bad no one at WinHEC stood up and said “I’d like 11% better than XP please?” 11% better than Vista is like kissing your sister.

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