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Dear Mr. Obama, Welcome to Reality: Bill McKibben welcomes president-elect Obama to a reality of meltdowns, both economic and environmental – Guardian.

Lasers Smarter Up Wind Turbines: A new fiber-optic laser system can gauge wind gusts up to a kilometer away, allowing a turbine to adapt and prepare, improving efficiency and reducing breakage – MIT Technology Review.

Tesla Founder Getting His CARB Rebate: Martin Eberhard says he’s just been approved for a $5,000 rebate from California’s Alternative Fuel Rebate Program via the California Air Resource Board, and no thanks to Tesla – Tesla Founders Blog.

Duke’s Wind Farm Fully Operational: Duke Energy has begun full commercial operation of its 59-megawatt wind farm located in Texas. The 28 turbines will soon be joined by more windmills from the nearby Sweetwater wind farm, a huge project of which Duke owns half – Press Release.

Canada Wants Climate Pact to Give Tar Sands Pass: Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, wants to reach out to president-elect Obama to create a climate change pact but wants to protect Alberta’s oil sands – NYT’s Green Inc.