Learn About the Future of Your Living Room at NewTeeVee Live


See me speak at NewTeeVee Live — November 13 in San FranciscoThe television-viewing experience has undergone some major changes over the past few years. TiVo made it easy to watch TV anytime. Then along came Sling Media, which made it possible to watch TV anywhere. So what’s next? I’m going to sit down with Sling CEO and Co-Founder Blake Krikorian at our NewTeeVee Live conference on Nov. 13 in San Francisco to find out — we’re going to talk about how the living room viewing experience is expected to change. I hope you can join me; we have some seriously swell speakers lined up. And since the event is close to being sold out, I would urge you to snap up those tickets now.



“The living room experience is hinged on the device proliferation . . .”

Akash, I agree that consumers aren’t going to add multiple devices to “clutter the living room.” However, I disagree with Netflix’s strategy. We, as consumers, should shun any kind of proprietary device. Let’s keep things open and competitive. That’s why I advocate the PC bridging the gap between the internet and the TV. This will support a competitive online movie-rental marketplace.


Om Malik


It is a one on one with Blake who is awesome. I think it should be fun and I am going to find out, just like you guys.


Om, is Reed on the panel? The living room experience is hinged on the device proliferation and content availability. i.e. the average consumer is not going to add multiple devices to the clutter in the living room. Netflix’s strategy to partner with Bluray device manufacturer provides them with a great entry. And their content library is continuously improving. I’d love to hear their thoughts. E.g. are they partnering with CE folks to hook directly into the TVs?

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