It’s Official: iPhone Tethering Coming to AT&T

Many iPhone users will rejoice at the news today from Mobile Crunch that AT&T has officially confirmed the upcoming availability of an official tethering solution from them and Apple. The news comes from AT&T CEO Ralph De La Vega, who, in speaking with Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington at the Web Summit 2.0 conference, revealed that tethering would be coming “soon.”

Brief-lived application, NetShare, previously offered a way for the iPhone to act as a modem for laptops, but was quickly pulled, briefly re-introduced, and then pulled again. The removal/reinstatement/removal probably had something to do with behind the scenes discussions between Apple and AT&T, which likely concluded in the decision to go forward with an official, sanctioned tethering solution developed by the two.

De La Vega did not provide any details as to the pricing or timeframe for release of AT&T’s official tethering plan. Previous reports indicated that part of the delay stems from AT&T’s fear regarding the additional burden iPhone users with tethering plans would place on their 3G network.

It’s also unclear just how much demand there is for an official solution, especially given the fact that it could possibly come at a steep price.

iPhone users: Is the ability to tether important to you? What do you consider a reasonable price for an official solution?