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Vudu CEO Vu-Done

It looks as though Vudu, the troubled movie delivery set-top box maker, is in need of a new CEO. Valleywag reports that Mark Jung, the company’s CEO, is no longer listed on Vudu’s management page, and his LinkedIn profile lists his time at Vudu through November 2008 (as opposed to “present”).
Vudu laid off 15 percent of its staff in August. The company has never caught on with mass audiences, despite a price cuts for the device, 99-cent movie rentals, a super high-definition download option and the addition of adult content.

We’ve contacted the company for confirmation and details and will update this post as we learn more.

UPDATE: A Vudu spokesperson confirmed Jung’s departure and wrote us an email saying “Mark has left for personal reasons and Alain Rossmann, who is a founder and Chairman of the board is stepping in as Interim CEO.”

5 Responses to “Vudu CEO Vu-Done”

  1. Technology does not always play in consumers. We would like to have inexpensive toys for best experience. Vudu has a cute box with high price tag, against the consumer’s will. We would go some trouble to get the same for far less. Also the expensive staff at the company would eat up all the profits.

  2. TimothyH

    Have you actually seen HDX? It’s a close to Blue-Ray as you can get without buying a disc. I have a PC connected to my HDTV and it’s not the same. Not even close.

  3. I”ll say it again – why buy an expensive, proprietary box? Just connect your PC to your HDTV and rent movies wherever you want – Netflix, Amazon, MovieLink or CinemaNow. Plus do a whole lot more – whatever’s on your PC is on your HDTV.