T9 Nav: full device search for S60 phones

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T9navDid you ever wish for a desktop search function for your handset? Windows Search, Google Desktop Search, Copernic and others have made it quick and easy to find practically anything on the computer, so why not a similar solution for your mobile? Copernic actually offers a mobile client that lets you remotely search your home computer, but T9 Nav lets you search your handset for information with just a few keypresses.

For the moment, T9 Nav is a free beta only for Symbian S60 devices, but after watching the demo video, I like what I see. I keep thinking that for as much infomation I have on my various computers, the vast majority of information I really need is on my phone. T9 Nav helps find it fast. Some of the examples in the demo video:

  • Type 3, 3, 6 (D, E, N) to find your next dentist appointment in your calendar
  • Type 7, 5, 4 (S, I, L) to quickly get to the slient feature of your phone and turn the ringer off
  • Type 2, 3, 9 (B, E, Y) to get to the latest Beyonce song on your phone. [For the record: there is no Beyonce song on my phone. Nothing against Beyonce and if she ever recorded a Country album, I’d give it a listen. ;) ]

You get the idea: data and commands are indexed in the background by T9 Nav. As you use the T9 entry system, results are shown and narrowed down as you enter more characters. All in all, looks like a useful solution to find information fast on your S60 phone.

(via TRFJ)

1 Comment


As far as I know, there is a good built-in search engine in S60 phone, organized by categories, I find it usefull.
I will try to find time to compare with this solution, will give you a feedback if I do.

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