Phoenix Technologies enables “instant on” PC browser with Opera

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Logo_2Anyone else watching the trend towards embedded computer applications that get you going long before a traditional boot-up? Having seen it recently with SplashTop coming to the Lenovo S10e netbook and included with the Voodoo Envy, it’s impressive. These solutions are usually some type of Linux module that fires up in just a few seconds and offers you near-instant access to a few apps like a browser, Skype client or e-mail application. Since you don’t have to sit through a minute or more of booting, you get in, do your thing and get out as needed.

Phoenix Technologies, a long-time provided of BIOS solutions for computers, just announced their partnership that brings Opera to an instant-on, always connected solution. Phoenix calls their platform HyperSpace and claims 25% more battery life for your computer with this approach. Of course, you’d have to use the HyperSpace environment in lieu of your standard computing model to see any overall battery savings, but the idea is sound. Interestingly, Phoenix says that their virtual computing environment runs independent of Windows while booting, shutting down or even when Windows itself is up and running.

Usually, these approaches go with a Mozilla-based browser, but Phoenix opted for the popular Opera browser for HyperSpace. This doesn’t sound like a slimmed-down version of Opera either since some of the best features will be available: Opera Link for synchronizing bookmarks and widgets for additional bite-sized bits of functionality are supported. I’d expect to hear about more apps joining with Opera in Phoenix’s HyperSpace virtual environment… the company also offers BeInSync, which would be a great addition to HyperSpace in my opinion. If you could sync various docs and data with your other devices before your computer is even booted, it could save even more time.

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Two thoughts come to mind on this…

1) Opera seems to be making some serious in-roads with mobile users lately with their deal with HTC on the Diamond and Touch Pro as well as this announcement with Phoenix to provide instant-on surfing. This is good news for them, and it might actually make them relevant on the desktop if users find themselves wanting a unified surfing platform.

2) With instant-on becoming increasingly relevant for mobile phone and laptop users for providing exceptionally long battery life, it makes me realize that Microsoft had better get on the ball and make sure that both Windows 7 and Windows Mobile 7 can compete.

In fact, I can picture it now… Windows 7 coming bundled with Windows Mobile 7 on certain laptop models with a dual-boot mode that allows you to operate a laptop on WM7 for instant-on limited web-surfing mode… and W7 for full laptop mode.

Just remember– if it happens, this is MY idea! *grin*

Of course, if it happens, I’ll have to eat my own words and admit that maybe there really is something to this whole cloud-computing version of Office they have coming…..

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