App Round Up: Games From the “Funnest iPod Ever” Commercial


iPod Touch

Apple generally has no reservations of highlighting and making readily available the songs it uses in its commercials and, with the advent of the App Store, it has been doing the same for applications in their iPhone commercials.

However, when they declared the iPod touch the “funnest iPod ever” and put together an ad to go along with it, while the song they used — The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s  “Around the Bend” — is no secret, unless you’ve taken a deep dive into the App Store, these apps are a mystery. Well, wonder no more as we’ve compiled a list of featured programs in order of appearance.

  1. Wingnuts Moto Chaser, 99¢, is a 3D motorcycle racing game that utilizes the accelerometer as its steering device.
  2. Super Monkey Ball, $9.99, gives you control of a super cute monkey encased in a transparent ball. Use the accelerometer to guide him to the goal while collecting as many bananas as possible.
  3. Labyrinth, $6.99, is based on the classic wooden game in which you tilt the game board to get the marble to the goal while avoiding trap holes.
  4. Toy Bot Diaries, $3.99, is a platform game where you play as Tiny Toy Bot, navigating through physic-based challenges with your grappling hook and magnet boots.
  5. 3-D Vector Ball, 99¢, a modern take on Pong, features tilt controls and a two player option via Wi-Fi.
  6. Band, $3.99, is a collection of virtual instruments (drums, piano, bass guitar, blues guitar, and crowd) that take advantage of the touchscreen allowing you to create music from scratch.
  7. Cro-Mag Rally, $1.99, lets you play as Brog, a caveman racing through the ages. With nine levels, eleven vehicles, and nine types of power-ups, there is no shortage of fun.
  8. MotionX Poker, $1.99, has realistic animation and physics putting lifelike dice in your hands to play a dice based variant of poker in which a straight tops a full house.
  9. Tap Tap Revenge, free, is a music game not unlike Guitar Hero. Follow the melody and tap through the beats or shake left and right as the arrows fall. Tap Tap Revenge comes with 40+ songs with a new featured track from a “top artist” every week.
  10. 300 Bowl, 99¢, puts bowling in the palm of your hands. With a flick of the finger, send your ball rolling down the alley in hopes of a strike.
  11. (Cro-Mag Rally again)
  12. Air Hockey, 99¢, is a one or two player rendition of the classic air hockey game. Use your paddle to knock the puck around and the first to seven points wins.
  13. Vegas Pool Sharks, $3.99, is a full featured 3D pool game that has multiple game types, four skill levels, and pits you against up to four opponents.
  14. GTS World Racing, $4.99, offers four modes of play, a two-player option via Wi-Fi, and boasts 64 track layouts across 16 locations and three car types. Use the accelerometer to not only control the steering, but also the acceleration and breaks.



hey, yeah id like to know which app it is where there are 3 goals with 3 ipods and the ball moves between them. Thaanks

virtual piano

What’s the game where it’s three people playing, there’s a ball bouncing from iPod to iPod, and they have to guard their goals?

Thank you for share it


What’s the game where it’s three people playing, there’s a ball bouncing from iPod to iPod, and they have to guard their goals?


@giuliano… the app your looking for is called Rolando, the level in question is a bonus stage…


I am looking for the app in the commercial where there is a ball in a maze and the user is turning it around clockwise. Thanks


FOUND IT. It’s Bugdom 2. In the Ad, the bug is riding on top of the ball.


I’m looking for the game marianne was talking about with the windmill and the little guy balancing on the baseball. anybody know?


Just looking for the game with the baseball on a mini golf coarse with a windmill in the background. Can any one help me out with the title of this game? Please help me. Thanks


Hi, I noticed you missed one! Right after band there is some type os sea race game! Just wondering what it is.


Thanks for this listing. I’ll show it to my roommie who is thinking about a touch. He’s a bit shy about Apple in general, but is impressed by the iPod touch in general, and a gamer. He should be intrigued by this list.

Me, I’m already writing Santa. Hoping he’s touched by my plea.

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