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Susan Decker’s Memo: No Worries, Everything’s Going Great

imageUnbelievable, really, the callousness of Yahoo’s top management. Of course this memo from Susan Decker was meant to be leaked, so we are not getting the full picture from these. She sent this out a little after Google (NSDQ: GOOG) withdrew from the ad search deal with Yahoo:


Earlier today we announced that Google has terminated the advertising services agreement Yahoo! (NSDQ: YHOO) and Google announced in June. Yahoo! continues to believe in the benefits of the agreement and we are disappointed that Google has elected to withdraw from the agreement rather than defend it in court. Google notified us of its refusal to move forward with implementation of the agreement following an indication from the Department of Justice that it would seek to block it, despite Yahoo!

5 Responses to “Susan Decker’s Memo: No Worries, Everything’s Going Great”

  1. takejerax

    Well to the above people who argue that she has been promoted beyond her ability. I'm just shocked that she is on the boards of intel, costco and !!BERKSHIRE HATHWAY!! …why do warren buffet("GOD") and charlie munger have her on the god damned board??

  2. Yep this email is ridiculous and unbelievable.

    Instead of cutting all the redudant workforce sitting there in the Yahoo cubicles absolutely doing nothing…this lady is tryin to paint a beautiful picture to its employees.

    What a waste of a company this YAHOO…

  3. leclarks

    Another fine example of the Peter Principle….. it is truly amazing how many people are promoted beyond their capabilities solely based upon their ability to spin a story and not upon actual successes or accomplishments.
    You've got to wonder about the hiring groups ability to "see through" the buzzwords to what a person can in reality DO to drive a company. If I was a "Yahoo" I would be extremely discouraged by the impotence of managment to operate the company.

  4. The word "shameless" comes to mind when I read anything about Sue Decker. Can she use any other buzzwords? And, why does Yahoo need to do something new to accelerate their strategy? Haven't they been operating for the last 15 years? Hasn't she been helping them to "accelerate" their strategy since 2001 when she began working there?

    This is all a joke, right? You passed on the $33/share because you have something better than this, right? If not, I sincerely hope that we (the shareholders) see you in court.