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IAC: Which Emerging Businesses Will It Sell or Close?

In the Q3 earnings call, Barry Diller dropped multiple hints about closing down or selling some of what IAC (NSDQ: IACI) calls its “emerging businesses”. And he said that it would happen within the next month. On the call: “No businesses in the emerging sectors are carrying any big investments. It is an area we not going to emphasize in the future: we think that is a bit defocusing.

3 Responses to “IAC: Which Emerging Businesses Will It Sell or Close?”

  1. I never understood the emerging businesses approach anyway because they all seemed to be content businesses (except Rushmore Drive), which was contrary to IAC's stated focus on search and local. I agree with Jonathan Marcus except I think Rushmore Drive will make it. Remember Diller's still pushing vertical search (NASCAR is a new Ask vertical). Plus, its Black History Month and IAC would be crazy to piss of that community by closing a business that's been open less than a year and by my quick look at its traffic is showing promise. Just my two cents . . . The rest of the stuff should all be closed or sold.