VooDoo Envy 133 price drop


The VooDoo Envy 133 is a notebook to lust after and that just got easier to do.  HP has integrated the VooDoo operation into the main notebook unit and as a result the Envy 133 just got $200 cheaper.  Starting today the Envy 133 price is $1899 instead of the normal $2099 and those who order will get a free second battery thrown in.  HP is no doubt listening to those who have complained about the poor battery life of the 133 so this is a good move.  HP has also dropped the price of the VooDoo Blackbird 02 gaming PC to $1799.




Voodoo should get back to making gaming laptops in my opinion. There are plenty of other choices out there for the thin and stylish models. Throwing in a second battery won’t solve the power problem for some folks, and at $1900 the choices open up for better alternatives. A fully tricked-out HP dv4 with LED display, 12-cell battery and built-in broadband comes out at the same price, looks amazing in bronze, and performs on the top end.

Jose R. Ortiz

The forums have been buzzing about this drop for almost two weeks now so I am glad to finally see them. I’ve been putting off my purchase specifically for this drop. Now if only Rahul could finally show us the “revolutionary” device he’s been hiding! BTW, small little correction…The BlackBird 002 is actually an HP branded product. The Omen will be the gaming desktop officially branded by VooDoo.

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