Vid-Biz: Break, Clearleap, Warner Bros.

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Break to Show Full-length Films; company moves beyond clips in a bid to reach advertisers, movies available to include Ghostbusters, Men in Black and The Fifth Element. (MediaPost)

Clearleap Gets $3.3 Million; company looking to a combo of set-top boxes and partnerships with TV service providers to deliver broad choice of video to the living room. (VentureBeat)

Warner Bros. Bringing Legal Movie Downloads to China; official online distribution a move to fight rampant piracy. (LA Times)

Netflix Getting Out of the Used DVD Biz; company shifting focus to rentals and direct streaming. (Netflix Blog)

Starz Bulks Up Its Movie Catalog; company gets movies from Summit, Lionsgate, IFC and others for its 16 TV channels as well as its broadband video service. (Broadcasting & Cable)

CNN President Credits UGC for Success; Jonathan Klein says reliance on social networks, Twitter and amateur video helps his network reach younger viewers. (Contentinople)

Astronauts Cast Absentee Ballots; crew makes a get out the vote video from space. (io9)

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Dave Zatz

Hopefully all that new Starz content lands on Netflix. Unless they already have ’em. Speaking of Netflix, I think there’s a hidden story here – suspect the studios are behind DVD sale cessation.

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