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Schwarzenegger as Obama’s Energy Czar?: It’s too early to call the polls yet, but not too early to speculate if Republican California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger would serve as Obama’s Energy Secretary. Schwarzenegger’s energy policy’s are closer to Obama’s than McCain’s – WSJ’s Environmental Capital.

What’s A Green Moon Shot?: We hear a lot about an “Apollo-scale project” for energy or an “environmental Moon Shot,” but what would the numbers for such a project look like? – NYT’s Dot Earth.

Biodiesel-Producing Fungi Discovered: Researchers say they’ve found a fungus in the Patagonian rain forest that grows on cellulose and produces a mix of hydrocarbons similar to diesel – Wired.

Juhl Wind Acquires Next Generation Power Systems: Minnesota-based community wind developer Juhl Wind has completed its acquisition of Next Generation Power Systems – a company that specializes in community scale wind turbine and solar systems – Press Release.