Software Updates & New Releases For Week Ending 2008-11-01

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While the highlight of my week was seeing the release of some new security software (albeit, one that needs work), there was a great deal happening in the rest of the OS X application world that is worth a mention.

  • VLC media player – 0.9.5 – The de-facto, plays-anything, multi-platform media player get a small bump that plugs three security holes (CVE-2008-4686, CVE-2008-4654 & CVE-2008-3964), enhances closed caption parsing and fixes a few bugs. I’m still somewhat disappointed that VLC does not make it possible to make your built-in drive “region free” on newer Intel Macs, but it’s important to install the update, if only to keep your system defenses as sharp as possible. Details: Free! [10.4/10.5; Intel/PPC]
  • Audacity – 1.3.6 – This very handy audio-editing utility has a small version update which greatly reduced the footprint of saved projects and increases support for MIDI content. Audacity’s temporary/working directory is now more easily accessible by less technical OS X users (yay!) and FFmpeg has been updated to the latest release. Details: Free! [10.4/10.5; Intel/PPC]
  • 1Password – 2.9.3 – Agile has done a minor bump to their password management utility with some enhancements to 1Password’s desktop app’s ability to sync successfully with its iPhone counterpart along with other small changes and bug fixes. Details: $39.95 [10.4/10.5; Intel/PPC]
  • Bee Docs Timeline – 2.2.1 – While I am normally a pretty responsible netizen and do submit bug reports to software developers, I failed to do so for an item that was fixed in this update to Bee Docs Timeline. I really like the 3D timeline generator but noticed that you had to actually enable tick marks for timelines to render properly in 3D. This update fixes this bug and also lets the “era” date format map better to localization setting and date/time preferences. Details: $40.00/$65.00 [10.4/10.5; Intel/PPC]
  • Screenium 1.0.4 – While there are many options for screen recording in OS X, Synium’s Screenium has really been growing on me ever since the betas. There have been several updates since October 1st which have improved functionality and smashed a number of bugs. It’s a steal at $20.00 and I highly recommend checking it out if you have not done so already. Details: $20.00 [10.4/10.5; Intel/PPC]
  • Garmin WebUpdater – 2.0.4 – Most folks who have been waiting patiently for Garmin to really show some love for OS X will admit that the efforts to-date have been less than exemplary. To their credit, Garmin does seem committed to providing tools for Mac users and this minor revision to their WebUpdater fixes crashing issues when attempting to upgrade certain GPS models and also resolves an issue that caused downloads over slow links to fail. Details: Free! [10.4/10.5; Intel/PPC]
  • Today – 1.3.2 – Office users may have “My Day”, but you can realize the full task-management potential of Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book with secondgear’s highly useful little utility. You get an at-a-glance view of what you have “goin’ on” and can use the app to create events and tasks without having to deliberately jump-start iCal. Well worth the $15.00 investment if you rely heavily on Apple’s built-in toolset. Details: $15.00 [10.5-ONLY; Intel/PPC]
  • Flow – 1.1 – While I am a die-hard user of ExpanDrive, Extendmac continues to impress me with the slick UI in Flow and I consider it a must-have utility if you do any work with Amazon S3. Version 1.1 removes the need to use the Finder when uploading/downloading, provides a mechanism to use external editors, enhances their nifty QuickLook functionality, interfaces with public iDisks, tosses some nods to better security, and makes use of multi-touch on Macs that support it. A very nice job by Brian and crew, with a ton of features added for just a dot-release. Details: $29.00 [10.5-ONLY; Intel/PPC]
  • Microsoft Office 2008 – 12.1.4 – Since one can never have too many Microsoft Office updates, the MacBU folks have given us a “fix to the fix”, as it were. 12.1.4 fixes an issue that prevented Exchange accounts in Entourage from sending meeting invitations and responses, especially when an Entourage identity is configured with more than one mail account. It is a highly-recommended update by Microsoft. Details: Free! (well, the update is, but Office 2008 prices vary) [10.4/10.5; Intel/PPC]

Remember, toss your alpha/beta or pre-release invites my way. If I test or am a regular user of your software, you’ll make it to the list as I only mention what I use or try.

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