jkOnTheRun video- Incase sleeve for MacBook, battery swapping


This seven minute video gives a brief look at the Incase sleeve for the MacBook as purchased at the Apple store.  The Incase sleeve is one of the few models available that has handles to make carrying it around easy as well as a shoulder strap.  The sleeve is as thin and light as can be making it perfect for short trips around town and the two accessory pockets extend its usefulness.  I also show the new second battery I received for the MacBook and how easy it is to swap batteries on the run.  Enjoy the show.




Thanks for this. The Incase looks perfect for me. I don’t travel any more and my laptop case is overkill for taking the MacBook to hot spots or work. Yet I need something that could at least hold the power adaptor, and I like using a shoulder strap.

The only thing that can go wrong is I’ll go to the Apple store later today and they won’t have it. :-)

Rick Huizinga


Will the MacBook allow for hot-swapping of the battery (i.e. while it is in sleep mode), or must you fully shut down the machine?


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