G1 as a USB tethered 3G modem: Rube Goldberg edition


Googleandroidsdkv09Well, the first Android handset is out and it only took a few short weeks for a tethering solution to appear. I’ve returned my review unit, so I’m unable to test the instructions that appear over on the TMoNews forums. You’ll need to download and install a third-party application first and follow that with the Android SDK on your computer. A little configuration to set up your host device as a proxy server and you should be in business.

Sounds like a complicated solution to me, but then again 3G for no additional charge just might be worth it. As the developer says: this is highly experimental, so if you go this route, you’re on your own. But share the results if you give it a try, ‘k?

(via Android Guys)



Oops, I should say – you’re grabbing the SDK only for the adb utility, which is available separately as a small download.


I was able to install it, but not by downloading it through the browser. I use “adb install Proxy.apk” from the command prompt after downloading the file to my computer and getting everything set up with the SDK. I’m using RC29 also.


Installing the Android SDK is not required for Windows boxes, and it should not be a requirement for very long for standard Linux / Mac distros as people build / release versions of their own. You’re just grabbing the SDK for the adb utility as far as I can see.

That said: THANK YOU! Now I need to sell something expensive to make room for the G1…


The Proxy Application does not install on my phone. I do have enabled installation of third party apps in phone settings but during the installation it ask me if I want to overwrite an existent file. I went and say ok to overwrite and I got that error message saying that it was unable to install the application.

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