Fujitsu P1630- refresh at a price


Fujitsu_p1630The Fujitsu P16xx series has been a great Tablet PC series, I should know I bought both the P1610 and the P1620.  Fujitsu must be needing higher sales numbers as they have just announced the latest refresh in the series, the P1630.  This convertible notebook retains the 8.9-inch touch screen but adds a much requested feature, a web cam.

The rest of the P1630 seems pretty unchanged from the predecessor with a 1.2 GHz ULV processor under the hood although there is an accelerometer no doubt to auto-rotate the screen.  I won’t be buying one of these little beauties though as they command a base price of $2,179.  Ouch, that’s top dollar in today’s market.  There is a 64 GB SSD option but I am afraid to imagine what that will cost.

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JK, did you have the opportunity to compare the screen on the P1630 to that of either the P1620 or P1610? I had heard the screen was much improved, but when I got my P1630 I was disappointed that the screen while brighter wasn’t as sharp as my P1610. It was grainier, and fuzzier. It looked like there was a screen protector over the screen, but if there was one, I couldn’t find the edges.


Wow. That device really puts netbooks to shame, although to be fair, the Fujitsu is still a notebook, only smaller. I’m just curious if the upcoming dual-core Atoms will give the ULV C2D a run for it’s money.

Pricewise, I see it as reasonable. When you’re buying the highest-spec 8.9″ touchscreen dual-core laptop you can expect a premium for such technology. That won’t change.

I just wish Fujitsu would bring back the 10″ P series notebook they had with the optical drive – total netbook killer!!!


Dear Lord; when I bought my P1620 for about the same price it at least had 2gb of RAM!


Strong Yen has something to do with it (I believe Fujitsu still produces their laptops in Japan), but it’s quite a lot of money considering economy and netbooks.

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