Fujitsu N7010 notebook- a big notebook with a little screen


Fujitsun7010_sh2Fujitsu has been all over the place today with announcements of many different notebooks but easily the most interesting one of the lot is the new Lifebook N7010.  This beast has a 16-inch display, well one of them anyway.  Fujitsu decided to shake things up and put a second display with a touch screen above the keyboard.  This 4-inch screen is apparently intended as a touch program launcher but frankly it’s mainly intended to be a gimmick in an attempt to set it apart from the crowd.  It’s certainly an interesting concept no matter the main purpose.  Laptop Magazine has been playing with one and given it a thorough review including a video of the little secondary display.



Just the keyboard and small screen could have been interesting in an Alphasmart/tandy 100ish kind of way.

I’m loving the nice hardware some cheap netbooks and laptops offer (I have a mini 2133) but their very existence means I’ll likely not see modern updates to smaller clamshells like the jornada and mobilepro. I still use my MP 900 when battery life is paramount.


“gimmick in an attempt to set it apart from the crowd” Obviously if Apple would have done this it would have been “another clever breakthrough in design”


Not a bad idea. I’m thinking of using my N800 in a similar way. Except for the 2nd Windows display part.

Rick Huizinga

I wonder how much this secondary display degrades the battery life?

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