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Coal Power Roundup: DOE-Funded Carbon Capture, Coal's Poll & Little Orange Men

Coal has been both a major sponsor of and a political weapon during the presidential campaign. And there’s a lot of news from the coal industry this week. A DOE-funded clean coal project began in Colorado, while, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity said today that coal’s public approval is up near 70 percent which gives the next president “a mandate” to use more coal.

U.S. coal interests aren’t the only ones garnering public support for their lobbying efforts. Vattenfall, a Swedish power company that burns tons of coal, is pushing its climate manifesto with a unique publicity twist – they’re placing a plastic figure for each signature in the middle of Place Luxembourg in Brussels for policy makers and the public to see.

ADA-ES Starts $3.2 Million Carbon Capture Project: ADA Environmental Solutions (s ADES), an emissions controls developer based in Littleton, Colo., said today that it has started work on a project to capture and store carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants. The project focuses on developing materials to chemically and physically absorb CO2 from flue gases. The DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory is providing $2 million while private investors, including AEP (s AEP), Luminant, Southern CO. (s SO) and Xcel Energy (s XEL), have agreed to foot the remaining $1.2 million.

Coal Poll: 70 Percent of Americans Support Coal: The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) has issued the results of a poll today that claims nearly 70 percent Americans consider coal to be “a fuel for America’s future.” The ACCCE, a group founded this year to rep more than 40 coal-related companies, has been commissioning similar polls for months and this most recent poll shows by far the largest support for coal. Just a year ago, the same poll found that 45 percent agreed that coal is a fuel of the future. Why the sudden increase in coal’s popularity? The ACCCE says consumers are more concerned about national security and energy prices. Maybe. But maybe it has to do with the ACCCE’s multimillion-dollar ad campaign that has sponsored many of the presidential debates.

Vattenfall’s Manifesto and Calls for Clean Coal Support: Swedish power provider Vattenfall is looking to impress policy makers in Brussels with a showing of thousands of plastic figures, representing the signatures they’ve collected for its climate change manifesto. Vattenfalls is calling for government support of cleaner energy options, and while the promotional materials tout wind and solar, the company’s most recent press release says clean coal is the most promising solution (hat tip Green Inc.). According to a report commissioned by Vattenfall, adding carbon capture and storage technology to a coal-fired power pant adds up to €1.1 billion ($143 billion) in costs – about a 50 percent increase. While Vattenfall doesn’t say how much the government should chip in, it asserts that “funding solutions and mechanisms” are critical.

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    Each year the U.S. produces 25% of carbon dioxide pollution from fossil-fuel burning which is an incredible percentage considering the U.S. only comprises 4% of the world’s population. The largest source of this pollution in the U.S. is coal-burning power plants, with automobiles coming in second. Global warming is a major problem facing the environment.