Bluetooth SIG launches useful gadget guide



Can’t get that Bluetooth device to pair with a PC? Lost your manual so you don’t know what services your Bluetooth headset actually supports? Just like digging through databases of information to prep for Trivial Pursuit: the Bluetooth Edition? Whichever the case, the Bluetooth SIG has you covered thanks to their handy Bluetooth Gadget Guide.

The guide is a simple-to-use website that lets you search for Bluetooth devices. If the device is in their growing database, you’ll get pairing information, service support and a general overview of the unit. The nice part is that you don’t have to choose just a single Bluetooth device, you can also choose a host device that your wireless peripheral connects to. Sweet! There’s still missing info for some devices, but I like the one-stop, simple approach for this useful tool and look forward to watching the database grow.

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