Wireless USB- it IS dead

When I wrote my post asking whatever happened to wireless USB our buds at GigaOM were reporting on the death of WiQuest, the major player in the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) world behind that technology.  The timing of our two posts is a bit ironic as I was writing my post about the same time that Stacey was writing hers.  She reported that the Texan company WiQuest is shutting its doors due to the inability to make UWB a viable product for the market.  According to EE Times the company couldn’t resolve the technical difficulties in bringing the wireless technology to market and the chips they produced to do so were not accepted by those who would use them.  The primary problems were two-fold, their wireless USB solution required two chips instead of a single one that would be needed for adoption and that it required a full Watt of power, a death-knell in the world of mobile computing.  Where wireless USB will go from here is not clear at all but it seems my question about it was timely as it is even further from appearing in a viable form than I thought.


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