Quake to Shake Up iPhone/iPod touch


The iPod touch may in fact be the “Funnest iPod Ever”, as recent ads claim. Games like Spore Origins and Cro-Mag Rally that embrace the device’s unique (and frustrating) controls are certainly amusing time-wasters.

It’s not necessarily true, however, that being the most amusing iPod also makes it the “best portable device for gaming”, as Steve Jobs has claimed. One thing it lacks, when compared to dedicated platforms like the DS and the PSP, is game variety. Developer ZodTTD hopes to help broaden the scope of iPhone/iPod touch gaming by bringing popular FPS Quake to the platform.

To date most iPhone/iPod touch games have been puzzle and casual titles, with some notable (and successful) exceptions like RPG port Vay. The platform has yet to see many offerings that appeal to core gamers. Reviews for more ambitious games like Kroll and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed reveal that while players are impressed with the hardware capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch, titles to date have not been living up to their full potential in terms of gameplay quality and longevity. If it is accepted by Apple (it was submitted by the developer last week), a working version of Quake on the iPhone would go a long way towards proving to core gamers that the device is a true contender to established rivals like Sony and Nintendo.

According to the developer, Quake will be a free download for all iPhone and iPod touch users. Controls are screen-based, as accelerometer control was found to be unwieldy and unsuited to Quake gameplay. The game is played in landscape mode and features full audio support. ZodTTD also makes the ambitious claim that future releases will include network play, downloadable mods and additional content. The reason for Quake’s original success was due largely to its multiplayer mode and customizability. It’ll be interesting to see if these same features will make it a hit on the iPhone/iPod touch as well.

View the original post by ZodTTD and actual gameplay footage here.



Another thing that made the original great was being able to see the screen by not having to put your hands on it to play it. While it is nice to show that the iPhone has enough power to play Quake, it looks like it will be pretty much unplayable.


Ok so my big question is, will it have multiplayer support? Like you said, that is what made the original so good, and I am sure that would be a real boost to the iPhone version as well.

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