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Brightcove Shuts the Door on Free Access

Brightcove will fully shut down its free service and force all its users to upgrade to its new Brightcove 3 platform by Dec. 17, the Cambridge, Mass.-based company said in an email to users tonight. Users who do not upgrade will see their content deleted.

Brightcove, which has a record of changing its strategy, had previously shut its paid video offering, closed its consumer site, and dropped internal ad sales.

Here’s the key portion of the email. What’s frustrating is Brightcove does not publicly disclose what even the very basic version of its service costs. But there’s an FAQ with other information.

Regretfully, we’ve decided to discontinue the Brightcove Network (the free version of our service). The discontinuation of the free Brightcove Network accounts will not affect Brightcove platform accounts that customers have paid to use.

On December 17, 2008, we will be shutting down Brightcove Network accounts that have not been upgraded to paid Brightcove platform accounts. At the same time, we will be shutting down the Brightcove.TV website (which is separate from the corporate Brightcove website).

Until December 17, 2008, your Brightcove Network account will remain fully functional; the players that you have published will continue to operate; and you can keep using the Brightcove Console as you have been using it to date. At the same time, we are giving you a free trial of Brightcove 3.

Brightcove has raised some $90 million in funding from investors including Accel Partners, General Catalyst Partners, AOL, Allen & Company, Maverick Capital, Brookside Capital, AllianceBernstein, The New York Times Company, Transcosmos, Dentsu, J-Stream, and Cyber Communications.

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  1. We have recently released Brightcove 4, which includes a new edition called Brightcove Express that can be purchased over the web. Pricing starts at $99/month including generous usage entitlements. You can see the pricing online at:

    This new offering is designed for smaller organizations and starter projects and should be a good alternative to the free Brightcove Network service we discontinued last year.

    Jeff Whatcott

  2. i am absolutley devistated with this decision. i feel mislead. If i knew that brightcove would pull something like this i would have went another route in where i chose to upload my footage. I have over 40 videos that spans in half hour segments, and super concerned of what site i can go to that can accomidate my needs with regards to channels and the legnth of video time.
    I understand that in these times financially, many companies are struggeling but damn!!! how do you go from free to $6,000. that shyt just does not make sence. I also recieved the synical hartless email when they responded back to me. They didnt even have the balls to post the cost, the just said email them and a representative will get back to you.

    Can anyone help me, as i believe its less than 2 weeks left. my email is pls.pls.pls. someone help. jeesh this is obsurd

  3. I WISH I could settle for the $6K per year Brightcove solution. This basic package is apparently not sufficient for my traffic so the solution I’ve been offered is much more. If you’re i the basic package range, you don’t have the traffic to pay the rate and if you’re above it but not one of the big guns you don’t have the money to pay the fee. I’m hoping some of the solutions suggested here are going to work. If not, it seems like there’s a void in the industry between REALLY expensive solutions that only large networks/publishers can afford and something for a smaller content producer.

  4. After weeks of exhaustive searching, I will probably end up going with Ooyala. They offer the closest features to Brightcove, including a multi-channel, very sleek player with nice-looking video. And customer service has been responding to my various questions in less than 24 hours. Their rates start at 25 cents/hour of streaming & you get 15 hours of admin time/month for the Independent Package.

    Anyone know what they charge for the Director package?

  5. I must say it’s really sad that brightcove is shuting down the network version. I looked all over the internet for an alternative…and most of them are not as perfect.

    For those who had the free platform you can start downloading your videos as of today, if you install the video downloader. It took me about 30 minutes to download all my data….I’ll sure miss their service…but I really can’t affort 6000dollars a year now, I am not FOX or another Big company!

    I am looking foward to find something close to what I had with Brightcove….hope I find it one day :(

  6. We have over 450 half-hour episodes on Brightcove’s ad-supported network, soon to evaporate into the ether. Scrambling to find an alternative that we can afford, I found . It’s free, or only $8/month for the “Pro” account. Quite good. Read my blurb in the Brightcove forum. ( ) Watch our player at and see an example of an embedded (syndication) player at . For long-playing-time videos, I transcode them into flv using a program called SUPER, which lives up to its name and is free to use.

  7. Steve Jones

    Jambo Media’s Jambo Video Network is another great free solution. Not only can you upload your clips into their free player but you can also benefit from the ability to create secondary players of your content to give to other sites, offer your content to hundreds of current Jambo Video Network publishers and create your very own video network too. It’s worth a call or email:

  8. I have been totally left in a panic. And so many video providers claim to be similar to Brightcove but aren’t.

    Fliqz is NOT a fraction of the cost of Brightcove: Brightcove is, in fact, charging $6000 base price per year (I talked to a sales rep.), or $500/month. Looking at Fliqz, you’d have to pay at least $200/month to get enough streams & uploads to approximate a Brightcove player.

    I can’t believe there aren’t video players out there with multiple channels, unlimited uploads & streams per month for free, etc. I’d love some advice if anyone has any.

  9. Leo,

    I’m interested in hearing more about your situation. I work on Miro, the open source internet TV platform. As a mission based non-profit, we’re very interested in how decisions like this affect smaller and more independent producers. Feel free to hit me at: dean (a]

  10. Jonathan

    Ooyala ( is a great alternative to Brightcove. They’ve got a beautiful platform — very easy to use — with all the bells and whistles of Brightcove, and the service doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Why hasn’t anybody mentioned this yet?

  11. Im so upset with brightcove I have a daily podcast uploaded everyday and I have over 100, Its gona suck to migrate. On another note I called brightcove and they told me if I wanted to upgrade to their basic service it would be 6,000 USD. I was like no thank you.

  12. When they first began, Brightcove allowed people to present video like the pros. Now, there’s no lack of tools to do so. In fact, they took a long time to catch up in ergonomics and ease of use.