At what point does a big battery defeat the purpose of mobility?

Msiwind9cellThat’s the question I have after getting a look at a third party 9-cell battery available for my MSI Wind. The 7200 mAh power pack runs around $115 and also lets your Wind run for nearly ten hours on a single charge. I haven’t seen any reports on the weight of the battery yet and it clearly causes the backside of the netbook to rise up, providing more of an angle to the typing surface.

Common sense tells me that this unit would weigh around 50% more than the 6-cell battery I currently have. While I’d have no qualms about ordering a second 6-cell battery if I could find one, the solution of carrying more battery cells is starting to get old. We continue to see hardware developments reduce the amount of required energy a device needs, but we’re still stagnating on battery technology in general. We’ve heard about fuel-cells and silver-zinc batteries for a while, but nothing has hit the market yet. Clearly, there’s demand for higher-powered and more efficient battery technology, so what’s the holdup?

(via SlashGear)


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